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Hudson River Anchorages: Get the facts
Riverkeeper, elected officials and the general public are dismayed that some of the arguments being offered by the industry are blatant falsehoods – statements that are easily disputed by the facts. More
6 things you should know about the proposed anchorages
The Hudson River anchorage request is part of something much bigger – it comes amid a number of efforts to significantly increase the use of the Hudson as an oil shipping hub. More
In June, the U.S. Coast Guard announced that it was soliciting comments and concerns from the public on a proposal to establish a large number of anchorage grounds for commercial vessels in the Hudson River – 30 berths in 10 locations from Yonkers to Kingston – at the request of industry. More
For some, living a few hundred feet from a rail yard can be an extraordinary nuisance; for residents of the Ezra Prentice Homes, it’s a constant reminder of the significant environmental threats being posed daily to the health and safety of their community. More
Please TAKE ACTION BY 5 PM TODAY (June 30): Add your voice and request public meetings on the Coast Guard’s plan to add anchorage grounds for commercial vessels along the Hudson River Estuary. The public should have the chance to fully understand the rationale behind […] More
In the fall of 2015, six alumni Fellows were commissioned to create a short documentary film for Riverkeeper in celebration of its 50th anniversary. The film, KEEPING ON, explores how and why the watchdog organization was founded, many of its incredible accomplishments, and the steps necessary to preserve the integrity of the Hudson River. More
Huge thanks to all the volunteers who came out to the shorelines, from Brooklyn to the Capital District, on May 7, 2016, for our 5th Annual Riverkeeper Sweep. We invite you to stay involved and make a difference throughout the year. Join us! Be part […] More
Since 2011, local residents have partnered with Riverkeeper to monitor water quality in the Catskill Creek. We test at 20 fixed locations in the Catskill Creek watershed, from Middleburgh to Catskill. Riverkeeper is currently recruiting people to collect water samples from Middleburgh to Catskill on […] More
John Parker, Riverkeeper’s Director of Legal Programs, speaks with “The Many Shades of Green” on WRCR Radio as we get ready for two big events: Riverkeeper Sweep on Saturday, May 7, and the Fishermen’s Ball May 18. “Riverkeeper, in its history of over 50 years, […] More
Thanks to Sara Karl for this video interview with Riverkeeper Patrol Boat Captain John Lipscomb. “We have to find a way, as a society, to live next to the River, with the River – allowing it to live, while we live,” he says. “The River […] More
An oil train crosses a stream in Spokane, WA. Photo courtesy of Spokane Riverkeeper.
By Larissa Leibmann, Waterkeeper Alliance Five months after we released Deadly Crossing, a report highlighting the troubling state of rail bridge safety written by Waterkeeper, Riverkeeper and ForestEthics, there have been some important developments. While much of the progress made on this issue is small […] More
Our friend Laurie Seeman, an artist, educator and Hudson River advocate, offers these thoughts about the impacts of Indian Point nuclear plant. The risks to 20 million people are foremost in the public mind, but we should all be mindful that the plant takes a […] More
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