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Jake Hays Director of the Environmental Health Program, PSE Healthy Energy Legal Associate, Riverkeeper Earlier this month, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its long-awaited draft assessment on hydraulic fracturing and its potential impact on drinking water resources. For the first time, the EPA […] More
After a series of delays, the State Energy Planning Board finally approved the Final State Energy Plan at a meeting in Albany today, outlining ambitious targets for reducing climate pollution, and encouraging renewable energy and energy efficiency. More
Riverkeeper applauds the decision by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation regarding the proposed expansion of Global Companies' rail-to-barge transfer terminal in Albany, which would facilitate the transport of heavy "tar sands" crude oil. Riverkeeper calls on the state to follow through on what they’ve begun today and promptly issue a “positive declaration” requiring an environmental impact statement. More
Members of the public reporting an oil sheen in the wake of the Indian Point transformer fire and oil spill should call both of these authorities: Federal/EPA spill hotline: 1-800-424-8802 NYS spill hotline: 1-800-457-7362 Photos are critical, and can be submitted to both EPA and […] More
Is New York State about to clear the way for an oil terminal expansion in Albany – and the shipment of heavy “tar sands” oil – without studying the potential impacts? Despite the potential for a catastrophic spill into the Hudson? And despite the long […] More
Our friend, paddler and clean water advocate Margo Pellegrino, shares this report from her remarkable journey. Learn more at her blog, Paddle 4 Blue. I’ve paddled an outrigger canoe solo along the length of the U.S. Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf coasts. I’ve done this for […] More
“I live in the Hudson Valley and see these trains daily,” filmmaker Jon Bowermaster writes in today’s New York Times. See his video “A Danger on the Rails,” on the dangers that crude oil trains pose to the Hudson River. “Each of these train cars […] More
Take it from the National Transportation Safety Board: The White House must move faster to address the danger of crude oil trains and take steps “to prevent accidents and save lives.” “We can’t wait a decade for safer rail cars,” NTSB Chairman Christopher A. Hart […] More
Property owners and residents who have concerns or questions about Pilgrim Pipeline and interactions with the company’s representatives can now call the New York Attorney General’s office Consumer Protection hotline to seek information or to register a complaint. More
Let’s keep plastic microbeads out of our waters! Check for “polyethylene” or “polypropylene” in your cosmetics ingredient list and support the ban proposed today by Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman: News from Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 19, 2015 Bill Attracts […] More
On January 28, 2015, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (“DEC”) finalized regulations that will allow permitting of new liquefied natural gas (“LNG”) storage facilities for the first time since 1973, when a catastrophic explosion at a LNG storage facility on Staten Island resulted in the deaths of 40 workers. More
Local citizens in Ulster County came together to question Kingston’s plan to sell water to a for-profit water company, and as a result, Niagara Bottling has dropped the project. “A significant potential threat to our public water resources has been averted by this decision as […] More
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