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Ossining High School students waded into the water with seine nets Tuesday and brought in tiny crabs, striped bass, shrimp and silversides – doing their part for research as part of “A Day in the Life of the Hudson River.” Schools from New York City […] More
The battle against United Water’s costly and unnecessary desalination project on the Hudson River is not over. Two decisions are imminent from the Public Service Commission on United Water’s proposal. Join the Rockland Water Coalition in contacting Gov. Cuomo TODAY, “Water Wednesday,” Oct. 22. The […] More
Little Town NYC
We hope you’ll come help Riverkeeper raise a glass in celebration of the 10,000+ hours of dedicated support that you and over 2,000 volunteers like you have provided to Riverkeeper and the Hudson River in 2014. More
Newtown Creek on October 13, 2014. Photo by John Lipscomb / Riverkeeper.
Two days after the last Newtown Creek Alliance CSO Alert, the water appeared grey/green Monday, as Riverkeeper patrolled the creek. Our onboard lab measured 1% dissolved oxygen – fatal for marine life. Low dissolved oxygen is related to the frequent, huge discharges of sewage during […] More
Clear October skies over the Hudson Hop & Harvest Festival in Peekskill.
Lucky Sturgeon IPA, the first beer brewed to support Riverkeeper and raise awareness about issues facing the Hudson River, was a huge success at the third-annual Hudson Hop & Harvest Festival, organized by Peekskill Brewery. The Imperial IPA was brewed by Peekskill Brewery and Captain […] More
Boats at Hallets Cove. (Photo by Rob Buchanan / NYC Water Trail Association)
On Hallets Cove in the East River, citizen water quality monitoring data is leading to improvements in water quality. More
While junking cars in the canyon — that particular form of neglect — is no longer a threat to the Little River, threats remain... Logging, chicken and hog farming, sewage contamination and — visible through the trees on some of the bluffs even in the National Preserve — creeping sprawl, as folks from Birmingham, Atlanta, Tuscaloosa and elsewhere snatch up vacation homes. More
Sampling on the Quassaick Creek in Newburgh. Photo by John Gephards, Quassaick Creek Watershed Alliance
We’re proud to announce that the Citizen Testing Data section at riverkeeper.org now includes data for the New York City waterfront and the Quassaick Creek, which meets the Hudson at Newburgh, thanks to two of our partners, New York City Water Trail Association and the Quassaick Creek Watershed Alliance. More
You gotta love the name “Lucky Sturgeon IPA.” It’s the name chosen via social media to designate Riverkeeper’s first official beer, to be sold at the Hudson Hop & Harvest Festival in Peekskill Oct. 4, with proceeds benefiting our work. Made by Peekskill Brewery and […] More
Algonquin Gas Transmission (Algonquin) has asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for permission to construct the Algonquin Incremental Market (AIM ) Project, an upgrade of more than 37 miles of natural gas pipeline and associated facilities in New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. […] More
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At Riverkeeper, we don’t back down from a fight. We don’t pull our punches and we do whatever it takes to win. Right now big polluters and their high-powered PR firms and lobbyists are busy convincing world leaders that preventing climate change will be too […] More
Hudson Valley cities, towns, villages and counties have passed resolutions expressing concerns about, and calling on state and federal governments to take action on, crude oil transportation. More