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The Guardian
What a sight – humpback whales rising out of the ocean with the Empire State Building for a backdrop. New York is gaining headlines as “the New Cape Cod” with surging numbers of fish, whales, seals, sharks and dolphins to go along with increasing numbers […] More
The crude oil tanker Afrodite passes under Walkway Over the Hudson, near the drinking water intakes for the City of Poughkeepsie and the Town of Lloyd.
The transportation of crude oil in the Hudson Valley has been permitted without any comprehensive study of risks to the environment and public safety–and a dangerous expansion of this industry could further endanger the drinking water for thousands of residents. To alert communities to the […] More
This morning we saw our friend Patrick Landewe, Saugerties Lighthouse Keeper – and we had the pleasure of meeting Cricket, Lighthouse Baby. What a delight. More
Water quality data gathered recently by citizen scientists working with Riverkeeper to study six tributaries of the Hudson River are now available at riverkeeper.org/water-quality/citizen-data More
On August 7, 2014, citizen scientists took their first Enterococcus samples of water in the Quassaick Creek, a tributary that flows through parts of Ulster and Orange Counties before meeting the Hudson at the border between the City of Newburgh and the Town of New […] More
Riverkeeper with the Waterkeeper Alliance—a collection of 222 water advocates worldwide— are gathering forces to converge on New York City in the historic People’s Climate March Sunday, Sept. 21. More
On August 6, the NYS Thruway Authority took the final steps needed to finagle a $255.7 million Clean Water Act loan that isn’t designed to produce clean water – it’s to pay for a big chunk of the new Tappan Zee Bridge. More
The Clinton County legislature recently approved the State’s most rigorous fracking waste ban, which prohibits landfills and wastewater treatment plants from accepting fracking waste, and bans the spreading of fracking waste on all roads within the county. More
Our latest report, How’s the Water? 2014, highlights the need for New York State to adopt federal recommendations for protecting public health in recreational waters. Riverkeeper samples 74 locations in the tidal Hudson River estuary and dozens of additional locations, in cooperation with citizen scientists, in our tributaries. More
Photo: Deborah Brancato
Riverkeeper submitted its oral public comments at the public legislative hearings on NYSDEC’s alternative proposal of permanent fish protection outages at Indian Point... More
Photo: Leah Rae
It’s one thing to know where your drinking water comes from – and another to see the lakes and waterways that are the source. Riverkeeper interns visited the Ashokan Reservoir in Ulster County July 23 to get a glimpse of the system that supplies water […] More
Farmers Market
Photo: Jeremy Cherson
Riverkeeper and Down to Earth Markets are teaming up this summer and fall to present the Feed Your River Series, a partnership between neighbors to promote local food and the importance of clean water. Did you know that over 100,000 New Yorkers get their drinking […] More