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Riverkeeper is urging our members and supporters to write to the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation to take immediate action to reduce the risk from transportation of crude oil by rail through New York State. More
We’ve started patrols this year with an 18 foot skiff on loan. I’m interested in testing the utility of a fast shallow draft boat which allows patrols to areas where we have been draft restricted. The trade off is complete exposure to the elements so […] More
The transport of crude oil on and along the Hudson River presents a new and grave threat—the most significant new threat we've faced in a generation. More
Riverkeeper will continue to assist in the exciting restoration of Randall's Island Park as a rare haven for wildlife at the kickoff event for the 2014 Riverkeeper Sweep, our third annual day of service for the Hudson River estuary. More
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Watch this important webinar, “Preventing a Crude Oil Spill on the Hudson” from March 26, featuring Riverkeeper’s Watershed Program Director Kate Hudson and Hudson River Program Director Phillip Musegaas. Kate and Phillip provide background on the “virtual pipeline” for crude oil that snakes thousands of […] More
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RvK Partners with Public to Test Tributary Water Quality More
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Exxon Valdez: hard lessons about the lingering impacts of oil spills
25 years after the Exxon Valdez spill shocked a nation, we seem to be at greater risk than ever. More
Spring is just around the corner… and that means there are lots of ways for you to volunteer with Riverkeeper! Earth Day Fairs and Festivals: Communities throughout the Hudson Valley and New York City are bringing people together for fairs and festivals the week of […] More
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Cartographer: Christopher Bride
Ulster Map A 97-car CSX train carrying empty oil tank cars derailed Feb. 25 near shops and homes in the Town of Ulster, N.Y., about five miles north of Kingston, underscoring the very real dangers posed by the new crude-by-rail “virtual pipeline.” The train came […] More
Photo via Doug Kerr/Dougtone, CC Flickr
Constitution Pipeline Company, LLC (Constitution) has asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for permission to build a 124 mile, 30 inch natural gas pipeline – the Constitution Pipeline – from Susquehanna County, PA to Schoharie County, NY, crossing a portion of the Hudson River […] More
Riverkeeper campaign for pcbs cleanup
Last week, the Albany Times Union printed an in-depth investigative story that shows just how underhanded GE has acted regarding its discharge of millions of pounds of toxic PCBs in the Hudson River, including covering up its discharge and the negative health effects of PCBs. More
Hutchinson River
The mouth of the Hutchinson River. Photo by Jim Henderson, via Wikimedia Commons.
New York City Department of Environmental Protection has scheduled a meeting to hear from residents about a critical issue: The development of a CSO Long Term Control Plan to reduce the flow of untreated sewage and stormwater that pollutes the river during rainstorms. More