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Preserve River Ecology

More dead fish turn up on banks of Hudson River

Dead bunker fish washing up along Hudson River

Hudson River fish die-off has environmentalists alarmed

Cuomo Spent $690,538 in Legal Fees for the Birds (and an Oyster Bed)

New York Confronts Polluted Past in its Waterways

On patrol: Upper Estuary, Troy dam

Met U.S. Coast Guard and New York Department of Environmental Conservation Thursday aboard the DEC Region 4 patrol boat. They are beginning to create revised/upgraded GIS-based local spill response plans – starting here and working down the River. The transport of crude oil through New York State is driving change – slowly. Nice to see old friends. We’ve been working with these Coast Guard guys on the crude oil issue for two years and the DEC officers for many years on the Upper Estuary. There has been lots of water […] Learn More

Saugerties Town Board, by 4-1 vote, declares no confidence in pipeline plan

On patrol: Historic Albany could become History

Today southbound past Albany I saw a 3 million gallon Bakken oil bomb train “parked” in Albany under the big highway helix that takes up much of the waterfront of the city. The train was stopped on a bridge labeled “Historic Albany.” If one of those bomb trains blows up … Historic Albany could be History. Learn More

Cornell investigates reports of an abundance of dead fish washing ashore on the Hudson this season

Interning on the boat, Day 2

After dropping off Jen and Dan in Poughkeepsie, and taking a mid river sample, Carol and I jumped in to cool off! As my second day of interning on the boat comes to a close, I’ve seen more of the river than ever before, and am coming to understand everything that Riverkeeper does for the Hudson River community. From driving the boat to collecting and processing samples, it’s been a great patrol and I’m excited for the rest of the summer with Riverkeeper! – Emma Garschagen Learn More