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NYS DOS Comment Period On Coastal Zone Policies For Indian Point Soon Ends

Sandy A Warning Rising Seas Threaten Nuclear Plants

Report: Indian Point had most nuclear violations in U.S.

Alec Baldwin hosts panel discussion on Indian Point

Alec Baldwin to host panel on Indian Point running with expired license

Fukushima: Ongoing Lessons for New York

Hudson Riverkeeper Paul Gallay will moderate an important discussion with a distinguished panel about the lessons for Indian Point we should learn from the 2011 meltdown of Japan’s Fukushima Dai… Read More

Run for Your Life! – Close Indian Point Action

Indian Point Unit 2 license expires, operates under special NRC extension: only U.S.A. nuclear reactor ever to do so! At 12:00 a.m. on 9/28/13, Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant Unit 2 (IP2) becomes th… Read More

Riverkeeper Members Briefing and Indian Point Webinar

Join Riverkeeper Paul Gallay and Hudson River Program Director Phillip Musegaas for an important webinar on Monday, October 21. This 45-minute remote session will give you a broad update on Riverkeepe… Read More

Indian Point Driving Without a License, with Alec Baldwin and Riverkeeper President Paul Gallay

Starting on September 28, Indian Point will be operating without a current license. Join host Alec Baldwin for a panel discussion, “Indian Point Driving Without a License.” Alec Baldwin is… Read More

NRC Virtual Meeting on Nuclear Waste Storage

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission will host a meeting at its headquarters in Maryland to receive public comment on its proposed rule extending the storage of spent nuclear fuel at more than 100 locati… Read More