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Atlantic Sturgeon “young of year”

… fished them down to the brink before the fishery was closed in 1996. Riverkeeper assists the DEC Fisheries team with their Atlantic sturgeon monitoring program. Time will tell whether we stopped … Read More

Albany Observations

… required by their permit. Shad and herring spawning is taking place now. I’ve notified DEC Fisheries Unit.New construction just south of Albany where a smaller home existed before. Read More

Supporting DEC’s Atlantic Sturgeon Study

… was caught in Haverstraw Bay on May 23rd. He’s 7’3″ and weighs 200 lbs. DEC Fisheries tells us that approximately 300 female and 700 male spawning age Atlantic Sturgeon remain … Read More

Tracking Atlantic Sturgeon in the Hudson

Riverkeeper assists the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Fisheries of New Paltz with installing hydrophones that track sturgeon of spawning age. An … Read More

River Herring in the Hudson in decline

… herring) have crashed in the region. In Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut all herring fisheries are closed. It’s illegal to POSSESS a herring in those states but in NY the … Read More
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