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Hudson River off Hyde Park. (Photo: John Lipscomb / Riverkeeper)
Looking south just before sunrise Monday morning, as we pass the existing, authorized anchorage for commercial vessels at Hyde Park. No vessels were anchored here. None were here the evening before, when we arrived from Ossining. If this existing authorized anchorage is underutilized, what is […] More
Fog on the Mohawk River earlier this morning. Beautiful. Almost all signs of human development scrubbed away. Low visibility. More
During our inbound patrol on Newtown Creek this morning we came upon many small plastic bags floating in a tight cluster between Empire Transit Mix and the mouth of Maspeth Creek. We spent about a half hour picking them up using the boat hook and […] More
Have not been here in years. Nice to be back. There are six visiting vessels at the community owned boat basin. Now after sunset there is a steady flow of people enjoying the River and a lovely cool evening. And there has been a constant […] More
Earlier this morning we started up the Mohawk from Waterford. This newborn fawn was sunning itself at Erie Canal Lock 4 in the Waterford Flight. The lock operator pointed it out to us. A lovely, lovely way to start the day. More
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We came down from Ossining this morning. Carol Knudson of Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory collected the first sample for Season 9 of our water quality monitoring program at 10:36, off the mouth of the Saw Mill River in Yonkers. Our community science partners are […] More
On Saturday we were southbound after the kayaktivist / 350.0rg event in the Port of Albany – patrolling Creeks as usual. Entering Esopus Creek, we found Patrick and Cricket at the Lighthouse. Got my FIRST wave from Cricket. That’s a big deal. I’ve waited years. […] More
The fact that there are more juvenile Atlantic sturgeon, as announced this week by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, is great news. More
A Warrior for the Hudson River – a Marine Biologist – a Writer/columnist. Each a leader, each extraordinary. More
Eastbound Tuesday, Oct. 20, returning to the Hudson. Clearing Lock 17 at Little Falls – the Godzilla of Erie Canal Locks. More
The farthest point above the mouth of a river that can be navigated by ships. This term can be somewhat subjective on many streams, as this point may vary greatly with the size of the ship being contemplated for navigation. More
As we sampled north through the Port of Albany Thursday, Oct. 15, we came upon a small portable head. More
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