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patrol boat
The patrol boat goes back in the water. Photo: SBell
1. The Riverkeeper patrol boat was built in 1983 in Bivalve, N.J., to work commercial shellfish beds in Delaware Bay. 2. It’s built of cedar planking on oak frames. 3. Riverkeeper bought the boat in 1990 and it was refurbished and relaunched as the “R. […] More
One of our guests during our New York City patrols over the summer was The Weather Channel, reporting on the “ecological nightmare” known as the Gowanus Canal. Watch this Facebook Live video from July 1 to see Riverkeeper’s patrol boat captain, John Lipscomb, pointing out […] More
On patrol today on the Newtown Creek and its tributaries in Brooklyn, we observed a discharge that appears to be fluorescent dye often used for water system testing. We reported the discharge to city and state environmental officials, and the state Department of Environmental Conservation has opened an investigation. More
One of our fellow River-loving friends sent us these pictures of a squirrel she came across while kayaking.  She paddled over to it and it climbed aboard for a free ride ashore! More
This post is from 9/19: Yesterday, I spent late afternoon and night during storm on Rondout in Kingston, best trib during potential flood events. This morning I ran back up to get a water sample on tidal Esopus Creek because our community partners sampled up […] More
A SPDES outfall immediately south of the Yonkers Paddling & Rowing Club is discharging raw sewage 24/7. It was brought to Riverkeeper’s attention in July by members of the public. Riverkeeper sampled for Enterococcus on Thursday 7/26/12 at 1015 and again on Tuesday 8/28/12 at […] More
On Thursday 8/9/2012, I sampled at the two discharge points, Yonkers and Tarrytown, both inshore and offshore. I also sampled at Irvington between the discharges and at Ossining because it had been flooding past both discharge points. Five of seven samples were “acceptable” – very […] More
We patrolled the Gowanus Canal using an aluminum skiff which we carry aboard our “Mother Ship” patrol boat, the R. Ian Fletcher. The Feds, the EPA, are mandating a massive Superfund cleanup on the Gowanus. NYC and NYC Department of Environmental Protection continue to resist, […] More
We were out this morning helping the DEC fisheries team retrieve data from their hydrophone buoy just south of Hastings. The hydrophone tracks tagged Atlantic Sturgeon and Shad as they enter and exit the River. If you don’t know where the fish are you can’t […] More
Yesterday we had the opportunity to meet up with the 8 Bridges Swim in New York Harbor as they approached their final destination at the Verrazano.   Now in its second year, the 8 Bridges Swim ran for a week from the Rip Van Winkle Bridge near Catskill […] More
In case you needed a reminder of how truly wild the Hudson is, here are several pictures of a young Black Bear crossing Rondout Creek.  I’ve only seen this once before and that was down near “Bear” Mountain.   “G’day boys, how are the fish […] More
About a week ago we received a watchdog report from one of our volunteers who lives in Brooklyn.  She reported that there was a cement slurry running into a storm drain from a cement facility near Newtown Creek in East Williamsburg. We forwarded her report […] More

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