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We talk a lot around here about fecal contamination, but fourth-grader Lucy Bedell makes one of the best cases we’ve heard for infrastructure improvement. Read her school essay. Sometimes, only a kid can tell it to you straight. And she’s right. “Poop stinks. No one […] More
Tribs_Failure Rate with Hudson (no exploratories)_All dates_v1
RvK Partners with Public to Test Tributary Water Quality More
Rowers in the Hudson at the Albany waterfront
Planning a Swimmable River for the Capital District The NY State DEC just released a plan for the Capital District that targets swimmable, fishable water quality for the ‘Albany Pool’ section of the Hudson by 2028, if not sooner. This is very welcome news to […] More
Old Stone Bridge over Catskill Creek in Leeds
The Hamlet of Leeds, on Catskill Creek, will be moving from an old septic system to municipal wastewater treatment. This community has suffered from pathogen pollution in its stretch of Catskill Creek including illegal dumping by a homeowner who did not want to repair and […] More
Catskill_Old Stone Bridge
Sampling at the Old Stone Bridge in Leeds
Riverkeeper Citizen Sampling now supported by New York State More
Riverkeeper applauds the New York State Assembly Members who have called on Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Joe Martens to fully implement the Sewage Pollution Right to Know law. Since the law went into effect this May, the DEC has not been notifying the […] More
Photo on right: Paul Bastin
Urge Governor Cuomo to call for comprehensive and simple water quality alerts that include CSO discharges. More
Swimmers at Verplanck Point 5-31-13
Swimmers at Verplanck Point
The Riverkeeper patrol boat is on the Hudson conducting water quality testing from NY Harbor to Troy. It takes about 6 days to collect the 74 samples along the 156 mile stretch of the Hudson. Within a few days of the end of the patrol […] More
Great news! As of this month, you must be notified when harmful sewage is discharged to the Hudson River and waterways throughout New York. More
Beacon sewage overflow
Over the course of several months in 2010, Riverkeeper and a citizen watchdog documented torrents of raw sewage cascading out of a sewer manhole and bubbling through the slats of the public walkway that runs above it and reported them to local and state officials, the press and the public.
Three years after Riverkeeper filed a Notice of Intent to Sue, the City of Beacon reached an agreement with the Attorney General’s office to fix ongoing leaks in their municipal sewage system. More
Old Leeds Bridge
Photo courtesy of Rich Wiebke
Citizens Help Leeds Address Local Sewer Needs. The Catskill Hamlet of Leeds, in Greene County, is making progress on their goal to connect with municipal sewer lines with the help of citizen samplers. Since as far back as 2008, when foul odors started an investigation […] More
Pen certificates 1_sm
Paul Gallay, Tracy Brown, John Lipscomb and Mark Lucas (not shown) received Pen Certificates from the Governor's office for the Sewage Pollution Right to Know Law
The Riverkeeper team that worked on the Sewage Pollution Right to Know law in 2012 received commemorative pen certificates from the Governor’s office in recognition of their leadership role in drafting and passing the legislation. The Sewage Pollution Right to Know Law (Assembly Bill #10585-A) […] More

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