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Follow-Up on Watchdog Report: Barge Discharge

We just received an email from a member of the public who witnessed and photo-documented an unladen fuel barge discharging water from its port side off of Yonkers.  The barge is anchored (with tug attached) which is common practice. We often see barges anchored in this area waiting for their chance to go alongside a refinery in Jersey to load.  The photos below were taken from the Palisades looking down at the barge.  

The large volume of water being discharged is unusual. But not all discharges cause pollution, and not all are illegal. Riverkeeper is following up on this report.

We encourage members of the public to act as citizen watchdogs for Riverkeeper. If you observe what you think may be illegal water pollution, please take photos and call us at 1-800-21-RIVER. You can also follow these instructions to learn how to best report pollution to us!
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