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Kaare Christian speaks at the first annual meeting of the Roe Jan Watershed Community. (Photo by Dan Shapley / Riverkeeper)
It was less than a year ago that Kaare Christian called Riverkeeper with a concern: His creek wasn’t “on the map” – the map of Hudson River tributaries where Riverkeeper and our partner are sampling water quality. Within weeks, Kaare had put the Roeliff Jansenkill […] More
Slice of New Paltz has produced a 30-minute documentary on Wallkill River algae, and the work of Riverkeeper and the Wallkill River Watershed Alliance to monitor river conditions, support cleanup activities, and get people out on the river. Hear from Jen Epstein of Riverkeeper; Jason […] More
Peter Smith and news crew
Peter Smith (right) of the Quassaick Creek Watershed Alliance, points out features of Newburgh's drinking source watershed, in an interview with a news crew. Washington Lake, the city’s primary reservoir, is in the background. (Photo by Dan Shapley / Riverkeeper)
In September, Riverkeeper and our partners made over 1,150 water quality measurements, with samples taken at over 350 locations in the Hudson River Estuary and its watershed. Some highlights from the month include: Harmful Algal Bloom persists on Wallkill River and Rondout Creek The Harmful […] More
Cyanobacteria on Rondout Creek
Harmful Algae Bloom, Rondout Creek at the DEC fishing access site on Creek Locks Road in the Town of Ulster, Sept. 26, 2016 (Photo by Jen Epstein / Riverkeeper)
While we have been highlighting the Harmful Algal Bloom on the Wallkill River, we want people to aware that rafts of bright green duckweed that are visible on the Hudson River and elsewhere at this time of year may look similar, but are not harmful. […] More
Fog on the Mohawk River earlier this morning. Beautiful. Almost all signs of human development scrubbed away. Low visibility. More
During our inbound patrol on Newtown Creek this morning we came upon many small plastic bags floating in a tight cluster between Empire Transit Mix and the mouth of Maspeth Creek. We spent about a half hour picking them up using the boat hook and […] More
One of our guests during our New York City patrols over the summer was The Weather Channel, reporting on the “ecological nightmare” known as the Gowanus Canal. Watch this Facebook Live video from July 1 to see Riverkeeper’s patrol boat captain, John Lipscomb, pointing out […] More
August was our biggest month of sampling ever, in terms of the number of locations sampled and the number of partners working alongside us. This is what community science can accomplish! More
Algae near the Carmine Liberta replacement bridge over the Wallkill River in New Paltz on August 26, 2016. (Photo by Jason West / Wallkill River Watershed Alliance)
The Wallkill River’s bright neon-green plea for help is continuing Friday, a day after the Wallkill River Watershed Alliance and Riverkeeper alerted the public to the potential health risks from exposure to this suspected harmful algal bloom. We want better for our river. We love […] More
Riverkeeper intern, sailing instructor, Captain, and Hudson River resident Emma Garschagen writes about her experiences at the helm of our patrol boat, the R. Ian Fletcher, in her blog Waterbased. Read and subscribe to her blog and follow her on Instagram @captain__emma. Here is an […] More

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