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Sunk boat pulled from river

Two boats were left anchored off Piermont this winter. During the one cold snap the power boat sank and overturned. No doubt the bilge water and pump froze so she filled enough to back flood through some hull fitting.

Riverkeeper investigated locally to find which marina had moored the boat. In partnership with Piermont Police Department Riverkeeper contacted the marina operator who at first denied ownership or responsibility. He said that the boat had been taken by a title search company and that the prior owners had moored it off the town for the winter to avoid storage fees.

The title search company did not return calls from Riverkeeper.

Riverkeeper persuaded the marina operator that it was very much in his best interest to refloat the wreck and haul it ashore to prevent a very imminent DEC spill response team response and subsequent law suit to recover costs for remediation and recovery.


The boat was refloated by the marina operator. The cabin is crushed because the boat overturned in shallow water and at low tide the cabin top was hitting the bottom.


Boat has been hauled ashore.

As a good will gesture to the marina RK arranged for free disposal of the wreck through our relationship with “Keep Rockland Beautiful”.

The marina removed the fuel tank, engine, stern drive and all fluids – all items prohibited at the dump/transfer station. We are pleased that the wreck was quickly salvaged. This event sets a new, higher standard of marina responsibility in Piermont.

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