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Lawsuit Filed to Prevent CAFO Pollution

A coalition of environmental groups filed a lawsuit against the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) for its deregulation of industrial dairy farms with 200–299 cows. DEC’s rulemaking has rolled back clean water protection standards to allow medium size dairy CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations) to operate without a permit, in clear violation of both federal and state law, with the likely result that untreated cow manure will run-off into and contaminate nearby waters.

The following are documents related to the lawsuit:

  • NYFarmer

    It was unfortunate that Riverkeeper press release chose to call farms in the 200 to 300 cow category “industrial farms”. This term generated much social media buzz against farmers in this bracket. At a time when ww are losing mid sized farms around the country, this waz very wrong of your group to use inflammatory captioning.

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  • Alcoa Sucks

    Pollution is pollution and it is illegal to discharge it to waters of the US. Waterkeepers routinely peruse litigation against large industrial farms. Everyone is required to comply with Clean Water laws! Mid to small size farms are disappearing due to large industrial farms and industries like Smithfield (now owned by China), Purdue, Tyson etc.. intentionally driving them out of business to maximize profits. It has little to do with Riverkeepers. We all want family farms to thrive, except the companies identified above who have put thousands of family farms out of business.

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