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Hudson River at Risk: Riverkeeper’s Annual Report

The Hudson River is facing unprecedented risks from the transportation of crude oil and a variety of threats to water quality in the vital watersheds feeding the Hudson and New York City’s drinking water reservoirs.

But there are also tremendous signs of progress, from the clean-up of some of our most toxic industrial sites to the passage of bans on spreading fracking waste on roads in many New York counties.

Read all about these issues in Riverkeeper’s 2014 Journal, our magazine-style look at the issues facing the Hudson and our drinking water, and how Riverkeeper works to protect our waters.

“The Hudson was little more than a glorified sewer in 1966, when Riverkeeper began its fight for clean water. We’ve come too far and the stakes are too high to turn back now,” writes Paul Gallay, President and Hudson Riverkeeper. “That’s why you can count on Riverkeeper to stay on the job, until New York’s drinking water is 100% safe and the Hudson River once again teems with life, throughout its long journey from the Adirondacks to the sea.”

Among the highlights of this year’s Journal: A extraordinary image of the Hudson Highlands by photographer Michael Neil O’Donnell, and on the flip side a unique map showing Riverkeeper’s impact throughout the Hudson Valley.

Members who have given $40 or more, or who joined Riverkeeper for the first time, in the past year will receive a copy by mail. Everyone is welcome to read online.

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