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Members Briefing and Indian Point Update (Webinar)

Watch this important Indian Point Webinar from October 21, introduced by Riverkeeper Paul Gallay and featuring Hudson River Program Director Phillip Musegaas.

Phillip discusses the legal certifications that Indian Point needs to continuing operating, as well as the ongoing NRC relicensing process, nuclear waste storage, and energy replacement options for the plant.

There are several ways for the public to get involved in these issues now. Please submit your comments on the Coastal Consistency Certification and plan on making comments at the NRC Public Meeting on Nuclear Waste Storage happening in Tarrytown on October 30.

00:00-4:50 Introduction by Riverkeeper Paul Gallay
04:51-16:07 Why Close Indian Point?
16:08-18:35 Topics We’ll Cover
18:36-21:31 Coastal Consistency Certification
21:32-25:15 NRC License Renewal Proceeding
25:16-29:50 New York State Permit Hearings
29:51-33:51 Energy Replacement
33:52-35:51 Nuclear Waste Storage
35:52-37:40 How YOU Can Get Involved
37:41-57:40 Question and Answer Session

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