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Stand up to dirty power (and end the fish massacre!)

Power plant cooling water intake systems kill billions of fish and other aquatic creatures every year and currently require more water than any other industry in the United States. Many of these plants are located on some of the nation’s most beautiful and treasured waterways. “Closed-cycle cooling” will help to reduce the number of fish killed every year, as well as reducing the negative environmental impacts. This video by the Sierra Club asks the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to stop dirty power and use the newer and cleaner technology that is available. Currently, over 200 million gallons of water is used for “once-through cooling,” a system that sucks water into the plant’s cooling system and then releases it back into the waterways at much hotter temperatures, in turn killing millions of fish.

Take action today to modernize America’s power plants and protect our water resources from the harmful impacts of once-through cooling. Sign the ePetition above by July 19, 2011 and tell the EPA to adopt a cooling water rule, based on closed-cycle cooling, that ensures the protection of the Hudson and our Nation’s other waterways.

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