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A Message from the President: You can help make the river safe for swimming

Dear Friends,

On a hot summer day, there’s no refreshment like cooling off with a swim with the scenic backdrop of the majestic Hudson Valley. Unfortunately, nearly one-quarter of our water samples in the Hudson River since 2006 have failed federal guidelines for safe swimming.

Please make a donation today to help us put the days of unsafe swimming behind us on the Hudson.

No one is looking out for you like Riverkeeper:

  • We test the water: As I write, Capt. John Lipscomb is gathering our second set of monthly samples at 74 locations on the Hudson. You can find past results on our newly revamped website, so you can choose wisely when and where to swim.
  • We stop sewage discharges: Just this month, Westchester County committed to a $9.9 million fix to a leaking pump station—thanks to our data and 145 letters of support from people like you. Next up: A gusher of a sewage discharge near Troy that John recently identified on patrol.
  • We advocate for public health: We successfully won passage of the Sewage Pollution Right to Know Act last year, and now we’re pressing New York to implement it as intended—so that you and your neighbors are notified quickly when discharges may threaten your health. And we’re preparing to sue to prevent the weakening of safe swimming standards nationwide.

We want a clean Hudson for ourselves, our children, and for the incredible diversity of river wildlife.

We can’t achieve this goal without you. Tell your state representatives you want prompt and comprehensive reporting of sewage discharges in local media. Tell your local leaders you support cleaning water by investing in our sewers.

And please support Riverkeeper’s Water Quality program with a donation today.

Thank you,

Paul Gallay
President & Hudson Riverkeeper

P.S. If you donate $40 or more today, we’ll help you find new ways to enjoy the river—including discounted kayaking and sailing tours, lessons and rentals throughout the Hudson Valley.