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Terrace Bagels
Folks in New York City who wonder how fracking upstate would affect them only need to talk to your favorite bakers, brewers and baristas. New York's clean, unfiltered tap water is considered some of the best in the world - so good it's considered the "secret ingredient" of many of our favorite things to eat and drink. More
Pennsylvania and West Virginia, with which New York shares the Marcellus Shale deposit, have been quicker to embrace fracking than New York (so far). Tragic stories coming out of communities there are a possible preview of what’s to come for our state if fracking isn’t […] More
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Josh Fox’s new HBO documentary Gasland is an in-depth investigation of the fracking industry and its enablers. Fox travels across 24 states to speak with scientists, government officials and ordinary people whose lives have been changed by fracking in their communities. Don’t want flammable water […] More
The historic BP Oil Spill in the Gulf and deadly mining disasters in West Virginia have shown the tragedy that lax (or nonexistent) regulation of resource extraction can cause. The next example of this could be hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, which could contaminate New York […] More

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