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Tell Governor Cuomo Don’t Frack with NY Water

Governor Cuomo may release his plan to open parts of New York to fracking before Labor Day.  Cuomo’s deeply-flawed plan reportedly won’t initially include any new DEC inspection staff, taxes or levies on the drilling industry to pay for the community costs of fracking, or a strategy to dispose of the millions of gallons of hazardous fracking wastewater that would be generated.  Adding insult to injury, Cuomo has not taken a hard look at the detrimental health and economic impacts of fracking before permitting this practice, making his plan an absolute non-starter, especially for the communities who will be first up to be fracked.

There’s still time to make Cuomo rethink this misguided plan – but we need to make our voices heard in a big way right now.

Make a call today!

Gov. Cuomo’s Office: 866-584-6799


1. First dial the number. Please be respectful toward the person who answers (Ranting won’t help the cause). Riverkeeper’s suggested message is:

I am calling to urge Governor Cuomo not to put the economic livelihood and water of millions of New Yorkers at risk with a flawed plan to open up areas of New York to fracking. The Governor has still not addressed the potentially detrimental economic impacts to communities from fracking, taken a hard look at health impacts, or come up with a plan to deal with the potentially millions of gallons of toxic, radioactive wastewater that will be generated. Thus, it is completely improper for the Governor to proceed with permitting fracking at this time.

2. Close the call with a thank you for their time.

3. Tips:

Be friendly and nice!

If it’s busy, that is a good thing because it means a lot of us are calling! Please try again later.


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