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Be a clearer voice for the river


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When it comes to the Hudson River, you matter. When it needed you to protect it from a dramatic expansion of barge anchorages — many of these barges to be laden with hazardous, fracked crude oil — you stepped up. More than 10,000 of you wrote to the U.S. Coast Guard and demanded that they scuttle industry’s plan to industrialize the river. Many more of you called politicians in Albany, demanding that they pass legislation to protect the Hudson from moving dangerous oil barges in its waters.

It worked. Good on you. Our elected officials in Albany passed legislation to protect the river and just a little more than a month ago, the Coast Guard scuttled the plans for 43 new anchorages on the Hudson.

We’ve never seen such an outpouring of love for the river. Yet, it was a heavy lift for so many thousands of us to take this stand. We understand writing emails and placing phone calls takes up time, which is something you probably have little of. You deserve our thanks.

But what if I was to say that together, we can take a stand for the river again and again, but now it will be much quicker and easier? What if we could send you a quick message to act and in a just a few minutes, your opinion — along with thousands of others — would be heard by decision makers in Albany or Washington, DC? Are you in on that?

Here’s what to do, and this will just take a minute. Text RIVER to 21333 from your mobile phone and you’ll become part of an activist network for the Hudson that’s more efficient and forceful than any we’ve mobilized before. When the time comes again for you to be a voice for the river, we’ll be in touch and give everything you need.

Please join us in being a clearer voice for the river.

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