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CSOs are one of the primary reasons we still have dangerous spikes of sewage contamination in the Hudson. This one is from Manhattan (there are 500 of them in NYC alone), but we see the same thing in Troy and CSOs exist at many communities […] More
We came upon the DEC fisheries team in the process of tagging six males – all about 6 feet long. These fish are so astounding to see up close! Our Atlantic Sturgeon population has been nearly wiped out by overfishing. There are more males now […] More
On May 16th, southbound from Albany, we came upon a 30 foot motor boat with 6 persons aboard which had drifted ashore due to engine failure. We towed them off the bank and into Catskill Creek. Other “heroic” rescues by Riverkeeper include two kids and […] More
On the Bronx side just north of the 207th street bridge we found hundreds of tires dumped down the bank – covering several hundred feet of shoreline. The area is between the river and “Storage Post,” a self-storage facility. Although we observed no active dumping […] More
These photos were taken at an industrial site north of Saugerties, where industrial by-products have been illegally discharged for years into a large secluded fresh water wetland, which flows into the Hudson. The pH of the effluent is 12.3, which is close to the pH […] More
Scientist Andy Juhl and assistant Carol Knudson from Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory processing samples. We “cook” the microbial samples for 24 hours at 41 degrees centigrade in our onboard incubator. This equipment allows us to sample day after day on patrol without having to return to […] More
Collecting a sample directly from the outfall of the Kingston sewage treatment plant, which discharges into Rondout Creek in downtown Kingston. Rondout Creek is heavily used by fishermen, recreational boaters, kayakers and swimmers. We sample at three locations during every patrol. Some days the cleanest […] More
This photo of an Atlantic sturgeon “young of year” says it all. At the hand of fishermen they have been almost eliminated from the Hudson for their flesh and their eggs (caviar). And by the hand of man they may be restored. The spawning run […] More
Kids swimming in the Hudson from a boat club in Westchester Riverkeeper has been conducting a water quality survey since the fall of 2006. These photos show why. Kids swimming in the Hudson from the Harlem River at High Bridge People are swimming everywhere in […] More
NYCON Concrete on Newtown Creek Look at the color of the water! Photo credit: Basil Seggos More

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