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Photos by John LipscombHudson Riverkeeper & President Alex Matthiessen joined the patrol to check on pollution reports. He also met with citizens in Hudson seeking assistance with details in their Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan (LWRP). Before We recorded this Garrison dumping site in April. After […] More
We did sampling in the East River with Lamont-Doherty’s Greg O’Mullen and his crew, as part of our water quality pilot program. We also patrolled with City Limits Reporter and a PBS film crew. Discovered a new oil absorb that Exxon installed at Meeker Avenue. […] More
Photos by John Lipscomb Sign by waterfront at Fort Edward. THANK YOU GE! We saw a bunch of turtles sunning on half submerged logs just below Champlain Canal lock 4 on our way up to Fort Edward – but I wasn’t quick enough to get […] More
Photos by John Lipscomb 5/11 – Catch and release doesn’t always work as well as one would hope. Fishing with lures and circle hooks versus traditional hooks with bait increases fishes’ chance of survival. More
Photos by John Lipscomb 5/8: Sun21, the solar powered catamaran developed and sponsored by the Swiss Transatlantic21 Association made its historic arrival in New York City’s North Cove Marina. The arrival completed the 7,000-mile journey across the Atlantic of the motorized boat that was powered solely […] More
Out on Newtown Creek with an editorial crew from New York Magazine. Church property on Harlem River. Newtown Creek with Attorneys from Girardi and Keese and a film crew. This legal team successfully prosecuted the famous Erin Brockovich case and now they’re going after EXXON […] More
Riverkeeper assists the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Fisheries of New Paltz with installing hydrophones that track sturgeon of spawning age. An important part of this program is catching Atlantic Sturgeon and attaching computerized tags. There are 1,000 (700 males and 300 females) left in […] More
Two almost dead herring in a holding pen at a bait supplier’s dock. When they are almost dead their eyes fog up – like cataracts. River Herring (Alewife and Blueback) are taken during their spawning runs as bait for the recreational Stripped Bass fishery. Populations of […] More
We were southbound from Waterford through the Federal Lock at Troy. Below this last lock is the tidal estuary – 150 miles to the Battery. This Lock Keeper is always interested to know what’s happening on the river so we held the lock to compare river […] More
Photos by John Lipscomb 4/25: Tanker anchored off Hyde Park. This is the same anchorage spot where Exxon was caught discharging oily wastewater into the River back in the 1980’s. More

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