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GE Silicones discharge at Waterford and the DEC pollution dischargepermit sign. The discharge smelled like a laudromat.Also patrol Fiona Island with the skiff. It’s a small island on the Hudson north of Waterford which was willed to RK several years ago as nature habitat – […] More
Early morning on Moodna Creek looking south at Storm King Mountain. A man hole to access the sewer main which runs under/through the marsh atMoodna Creek. Patrol Moodna Creek with the skiff – we’ve had numerous reports of untreated sewage in this creek but there […] More
Patrol from Nyack to Garrison with Columbia University/ Lamont-Doherty microbiologists aboard to measure various water quality indicators including bacteria from sewage. This is the start of a pilot program to determine whether “real time” water quality monitoring is feasible using Riverkeeper’s patrol boat. More
7/7/06 7/26/06 This is a Church owned property on the Harlem River at Highbridge. We’re told it’s used as a dog kennel for exotic hunting dogs and as a homeless shelter. Whatever – they’re using the Harlem River as a dumpster. Police, DEC and DEP […] More
Mid-season haulout – when we painted the Fletcher’s topsides. The first photo shows her bare naked; the second shows her after three new coats of paint. “RIVERKEEPER” graphics will follow. More
There is a discharge at the Mobil terminal at Albany where there is a permanently rigged oil boom – they must have a leak problem. Recently a new boom and oil absorb were deployed but it looks like someone forgot the tide. We often see […] More
A southbound ship from Albany passes close by near Magdalen Island. More
“FLETCHER” getting ready to spend the night with a several tugs – “working girls.” More
Entering the Federal Lock at Troy. This is the north end of the tidal Hudson – the Estuary – about 135 nautical miles north of the Battery. This lock lifts about 17 feet. A few miles up and you come to Waterford where the Mohawk […] More
A “bouquet” of discharge pipes midway up Newtown Creek at the Exxon spill. The only active discharge today is Exxon’s. The DEC has given Exxon a permit to discharge ground water tainted with petrochemicals – it runs 24/7. More

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