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Photos by John Lipscomb Sample from the bottom of the Gowanus Canal 4/18/07: At the Gowanus Canal we sampled with Lamont-Doherty’s Greg O’Mullan, as part of our water quality pilot program. More
Photo by John Lipscomb4/16/07: We patrolled with a researcher from Interstate Environmental Commission collecting water quality indicators and enterococcus between Bear Mountain and Piermont. More
Photos by John Lipscomb4/11/07: Development in Middle Hope just north of Newburgh. There is a wetland on other side of the tracks. This is a perfect example of sprawl and poor land stewardship. We’ve been monitoring this development for three years but there has been […] More
On 3-27 and 3-29-07 we patrolled Newtown Creek with students from the Harbor School. Sabrina Wells from Riverkeeper described the environmental problems facing Newtown Creek and Riverkeeper’s case against EXXON MOBIL. The Harbor School is a high school in Brooklyn which integrates it’s curriculum into the […] More
Photos by John Lipscomb On 3/27/07 we returned to Newtown Creek and found a recycling barge losing some plastic material through a tear in its protective netting. We called Basil Seggos at Riverkeeper who put us in contact with an executive with the company. Within 15 […] More
Photos by John LipscombIt’s great to go back into the water after winter layup! We launched the “Fletcher” on March 19th into some remaining loose ice. Commissioning systems and swelling up the planking took a week.Our first working day was the 26th on Newtown Creek. More
Photo by John Lipscomb This photo was taken in July 2005 This is a photo was taken on the Upper Hudson – above the estuary – north of the Federal lock at Troy and north of Waterford and the Mohawk River.We are looking north east. […] More
Perphaps this sign should read “No Wake – Pollution in Progress”. Newtown Creek Patroled Newton Creek with Riverkeeper staff and the Regional Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). More
12th: Patrol from Nyack to Ossining. Check stranded containment boom on village waterfront. Confirm that the boom is not oil contaminated before retrieval. 17th: Retrieved a section of stranded containment boom from the village shoreline and towed it to the public launch ramp. Pulled it […] More
Re-photograph site where trash is being dumped into the Harlem River at a property owned by a church in the Bronx. Riverkeeper is trying to negotiate a cleanup without resorting to litigation. Also, photographed three wrecked pleasure craft at Dykeman Marina on Manhattan. Poor management […] More

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