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Boat docked at Albany Riverkeeper Boat Captain John Lipscomb, Riverkeeper President Alex Matthiessen and Andy Kahle, Fishery Scientist from the NYS DEC Patrol from Hudson to Waterford with Alex Matthiessen aboard and Andy Kahnle from NYS DEC Fisheries. Andy has been studying Hudson River fish […] More
Esopus Creek houseboat barge Patrol from Kingston to Hudson with Alex Matthiessen aboard. At Saugerties we launched the skiff and photographed an abandoned “house-barge” about which we have received a number of complaints. We also investigated the sewer plant outfall/discharge inside Catskill Creek which is […] More
Swan at Newtown Creek sewage treatment plant. Finding more sewage and trash from Combined Sewer Overflows on the creek – NYC alone has 700 of them. More
Photos by John Lipscomb Buster gets to be a “Watch Dog” for a day, on a trip to fuel up in Tarrytown. More
Photos by John Lipscomb The start of the kayak race. Flotilla’s on the move down the Hudson River to North Cove Marina Towing the rafts back to Pier 96 Riverkeeper’s New York WaterFest. We had great luck with the weather. In the morning the “Fletcher” […] More
9/20/06: Continue northbound patrol from Garrison to Saugerties. Begin investigation of a crane barge at the Clinton Point stone quarry found backfilling a underwater fissure adjacent to the quarry with large amounts of crushed stone. It is not clear whether the quarry has a permit […] More
9/18: Nyack to Newtown Creek. Patrol Newtown Creek with two members of the press and Riverkeeper staff. Patrol back to Nyack via the East River and Harlem River with a new Harlem River Watchdog, Riverkeeper staff, and three architects from a Columbia University urban design […] More
Photo by John Lipscomb Laurence Luo, Beijing’s future Waterkeeper on patrol on the Hudson. More
Nyack to Newtown Creek. Patrol the creek with RvK staff, two still photographers and a MTV video crew. There is a lot of oil and sheen on the creek today. Looking down over the deck edge at oil on Newtown Creek. Trash, tires and debris […] More
Patrol the Croton River at the Metro North rail yard. Oil is percolating out of the sediment at a storm drain which runs under the railroad property. Riverkeeper has begun investigation/discussion with Metro North. More

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