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Kingston Lighthouse at the entrance to Rondout Creek Patrol southbound from Waterford to Nyack; overnight on Rondout Creek. More
A fisherman catching bait fish at the Orangetown sewer outfall. This plantis in violation and discharges “material” which attracts small bait fish. Outing on the Tappan Zee with several new “Watchdogs” and Sabrina, our watchdog coordinator. Patrol Grandview, Piermont and the combined Orangetown / S. […] More
GE Silicones discharge at Waterford and the DEC pollution dischargepermit sign. The discharge smelled like a laudromat.Also patrol Fiona Island with the skiff. It’s a small island on the Hudson north of Waterford which was willed to RK several years ago as nature habitat – […] More
Early morning on Moodna Creek looking south at Storm King Mountain. A man hole to access the sewer main which runs under/through the marsh atMoodna Creek. Patrol Moodna Creek with the skiff – we’ve had numerous reports of untreated sewage in this creek but there […] More
Patrol from Nyack to Garrison with Columbia University/ Lamont-Doherty microbiologists aboard to measure various water quality indicators including bacteria from sewage. This is the start of a pilot program to determine whether “real time” water quality monitoring is feasible using Riverkeeper’s patrol boat. More
7/7/06 7/26/06 This is a Church owned property on the Harlem River at Highbridge. We’re told it’s used as a dog kennel for exotic hunting dogs and as a homeless shelter. Whatever – they’re using the Harlem River as a dumpster. Police, DEC and DEP […] More
Mid-season haulout – when we painted the Fletcher’s topsides. The first photo shows her bare naked; the second shows her after three new coats of paint. “RIVERKEEPER” graphics will follow. More
There is a discharge at the Mobil terminal at Albany where there is a permanently rigged oil boom – they must have a leak problem. Recently a new boom and oil absorb were deployed but it looks like someone forgot the tide. We often see […] More
A southbound ship from Albany passes close by near Magdalen Island. More
“FLETCHER” getting ready to spend the night with a several tugs – “working girls.” More

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