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“FLETCHER” getting ready to spend the night with a several tugs – “working girls.” More
Entering the Federal Lock at Troy. This is the north end of the tidal Hudson – the Estuary – about 135 nautical miles north of the Battery. This lock lifts about 17 feet. A few miles up and you come to Waterford where the Mohawk […] More
A “bouquet” of discharge pipes midway up Newtown Creek at the Exxon spill. The only active discharge today is Exxon’s. The DEC has given Exxon a permit to discharge ground water tainted with petrochemicals – it runs 24/7. More
Raw sewage and rainwater discharging into the Hudson at Troy after heavy rains. The green sign above the discharge is a NY State Department of Environmental Protection PERMIT sign. I’ve been told that there are around 60,000 DEC pollution permits in New York State. The […] More
Small camps like this one are springing up all over the upper part of the estuary – where the “wild” shoreline is. This one is new; I first saw it today. It’s located on land owned by CSX railroad just north of Mill Creek in […] More
Public swimming beach at Kingston Point just north of Rondout Creek. The area has had record rains the last three days which causes many sewage plants to overflow into the Hudson. Yet here we see people swimming. Riverkeeper contacted the Ulster County Health Department and […] More
Schodack Creek – two immature Bald Eagles on the east side railroad track (they’re called “immature” because they don’t have the white markings which begin to show at four years of age). This is the track for the high speed Amtrak trains. Eagle mortality from […] More
Record heavy rains fell on June 26, 27 and 28 during our June patrol to Troy causing massive erosion in the watersheds of several Hudson River tributaries. In one photo you see the brown flood blowing out into the Hudson at the Kingston Lighthouse on […] More
Photos by John Lipsomb Off Indian Point to retrieve an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler for Lamont-Doherty. We deployed this unit on May 5th and it has been recording a 3-D image of current speed and direction since then. The area around Indian Point and Stony […] More
6/19/06 Off Indian Point with a film crew from the Australian Broadcast Corporation. Australian’s are debating whether or not to constuct their first nuclear power plants and Riverkeeper was asked to comment on the issues surrounding nuclear power and the danger of a possible terrorist […] More

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