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We want to talk trash with you on Earth Day


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Earth Day is one day on the calendar, but Riverkeeper fights to safeguard our waterways and drinking water all year round – and has for more than 50 years.

Egret on Bronx River

An egret alights amid floating trash contained by a boom in the Bronx River. (Photos: Leah Rae / Riverkeeper)

Let’s talk trash: pollution harms wildlife, threatens public health and damages the vitality of the Hudson River. Illegal dumping and litter poisons our waterways and clogs storm drains, causing pollution to flow into the Atlantic Ocean, contributing to a global problem. By 2050 there will be more trash than fish in the world’s oceans. Riverkeeper fights polluters every day, and you can help us!

Don’t wait for someone else to act. You can take action locally today that will resonate on a global level. Educate yourself and your community on the impacts of litter and take steps to reduce your footprint. Become one of our watchdogs and report the problems you see on the river. Together we can fight pollution by spreading the word about the sources and solutions to river debris.

Ways you can make an impact today:

1) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

  • Be conscious of the types of products you purchase and avoid products with microbeads
  • Bring a reusable shopping bag
  • Recycle according to local guidelines

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2) Register for Riverkeeper Sweep, Saturday, May 6!

Riverkeeper Sweep has become a catalyst for sustained, year-round action. Recognizing that our local trash and marine debris is part of a global problem, we work with thousands of volunteers to clean up litter and plant trees during our annual day of service for the Hudson River and our communities. Last year we pulled over 49 tons of debris out of the Hudson – will you help us do even more this year? Click here to search 105 locations, from NYC to the Adirondacks.

3) Make Earth Day every day by becoming a Sustaining Member of Riverkeeper

On Earth Day and every day, Riverkeeper celebrates our watchdogs, members, advocates and volunteers who do such amazing work to protect their rivers and streams, working together on our campaigns towards clean water initiatives and a trash-free Hudson.

We need more friends like you. Help us continue our legacy of clean water victories by becoming a member today. Together, we will never stop fighting for clean water; we will redouble our efforts on the river, in the courts, and with you, our members, volunteers and advocates.

Happy Earth Day from all of us at Riverkeeper!

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