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NY faces a $36 Billion backlog in spending for clean water infrastructure
With only three days until Governor Cuomo releases his 2014 budget plan, the Albany Times Union has this advice: Invest in clean water, Governor. Riverkeeper couldn’t agree more. The Governor’s own environmental agency calls our failure to invest adequately in water infrastructure a “gathering storm” […] More
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Fix the broken window, and people take more pride in their neighborhood, forcing the nefarious elements out. That’s the idea. Polluters tend to pollute where there's already pollution. The formula for stopping pollution is to clean up the mess—and then keep close watch. More
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Why has New York's environmental agency been hit with such deep cuts?
Are political claims that we are balancing economic and environmental interests just feel-good rhetoric. More
The headline in Bloomberg News says it all: our latest court case, “Riverkeeper vs. Cuomo” is a “billion-pound manure fight” over the Gov’s decision to eliminate longstanding water protection rules for dairy farms. The Governor’s spokesman tells Bloomberg that the state is simply eliminating “overly […] More
3.3 Million - That’s how many fish and other Hudson River organisms are killed every day on average at the Indian Point nuclear power plant. More
PSC Sends Rockland Desalination Plant Back to Drawing Board More
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This is What Democracy Looks Like
If you support grass-roots democracy — and politicians who are willing to fight for it — please like and share this post. Riverkeeper is a proud partner of the folks pictured here – the Rockland Water Coalition. They’re fighting a proposed desalination plant that would […] More
237 years after the Declaration of Independence, the spirit of freedom is alive and well in New York’s environmental movement. It’s there, in the amazing statewide campaign to protect us from the ravages of fracking. And, in the fight against a senseless desalination project in […] More
NYS senate
The New York State senate and assembly came together to pass legislation to reduce mercury pollution by requiring manufacturers to take back old thermostats, a major source of mercury-related water and air pollution. Here’s to all those who voted for this bill, led by Senator […] More
Last week, the Senate Majority Coalition announced an end of session push to move forward more than a dozen measures aimed at eliminating state rules and regulations based on the unfounded claim that this will somehow spur economic growth. More

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