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New York City will engage in many conversations about climate change resilience and adaptation in the years to come. But on Staten Island, that conversation is frozen in its tracks and it is business as usual. More
Photo courtesy Giles Ashford
Riverkeeper’s fight to protect the magnificent Hudson River and keep New York City’s drinking water safe faced two unprecedented challenges this year: a potentially ruinous plan to bring fracking to New York and the devastating damage to shoreline communities caused by Hurricane Sandy. While there was no shortage of other work, we just knew Riverkeeper needed to “go big” on these two critical issues. More
PCB Contamination Continues to Plague the Hudson River
General Electric agrees to revisit scope of PCB Cleanup on Upper Hudson.
Riverkeeper commends the New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli for of PCBs under a 2002 agreement with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). More
Years from now, New Yorkers will be glad Governor Cuomo decided to take a hard look at fracking instead of rushing to embrace this dangerous new form of drilling before its health and environmental impacts were fully understood. More
frack crowds
Nearly 300,000 comments have been submitted on fracking by increasingly concerned New Yorkers
Riverkeeper applauds Governor Cuomo and Commissioners Shah and Martens for postponing the decision on fracking, as the science and facts of fracking’s human health, environmental, and socioeconomic impacts remain unclear. More
DEC Commish Martens Testifies on Fracking
DEC Commissioner Joe Martens 'Takes One for the Team' During Hearing Testimony on Fracking
Fracking is by far the severest test Andrew Cuomo has faced as Governor. In fact, it’s not too much of a stretch to predict that what Cuomo does on fracking will define his term of office. More
NY Health Commissioner Nirav Shah has finally admitted the truth: “We don’t have as much evidence as we need,” on the health impacts of fracking. http://lohud.us/UNqFP1 Ya think? Despite the admitted gaps in New York State’s understanding of how fracking affects public health, state officials […] More
Will New York State officials approve fracking next month? Not if they follow the facts or the science. Photo courtesy Giles Ashford
New York's four-year effort to assess the safety of the controversial gas drilling practice known as fracking is broken. More
fracking rig
Federal officials just released a startling new study proving that fracking will worsen our climate crisis, contrary to claims by frack-apologists. More
The more you learn about fracking, the less you're going to like it. More

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