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On patrol: Passing Saugerties Lighthouse


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On Saturday we were southbound after the kayaktivist / 350.0rg event in the Port of Albany – patrolling Creeks as usual. Entering Esopus Creek, we found Patrick and Cricket at the Lighthouse.

Got my FIRST wave from Cricket. That’s a big deal. I’ve waited years.


Patrick and Anna are the Saugerties Lighthouse Keepers – and powerful advocates for the Hudson. Their son Cricket is in training. One of the great unexpected pleasures for me over these last 15 years of patrol are the friends and young families like this one – which I am privileged to know and watch as they grown and change – one month, one patrol at a time.

Patrick and Cricket look at their photo in the new Riverkeeper Annual Journal.


Who dat?


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In August 2014, we had the pleasure of meeting Cricket.

When we passed by in June 2015, he had just turned 1.

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