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Ambassador Program

Become a Riverkeeper Ambassador and join fellow activists in spreading the word on our work in defense of clean water!

As an Ambassador you will be trained by Riverkeeper staff to get the word out on Riverkeeper campaigns, educating your local community and expanding our vital network of clean water advocates. You can represent Riverkeeper at community, recreational, musical, school or other types of events. All materials, in field preparation, answers to FAQ’s and campaign information will be provided.

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Step 2: Complete and submit by e-mail or mail: Riverkeeper Confidentiality/Non-Competition Agreement

If you are interested or have questions please contact Jen Benson at, (914) 478 4501 ext. 234

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  • Watch our Webinar and Learn MoreAmbassador 101 Webinar

  • Continuing Education for VolunteersFurther Education for Ambassadors

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