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Hudson River Stories: A Screening of Films on the Hudson River

October 7, 2018: 5:00PM to 6:00PM
LUMBERYARD - 62 Water Street, Catskill, NY 12414 map
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Attend an evening of films about the Hudson River by Jon Bowermaster featuring guest speakers from Riverkeeper and the Farm Hub.
Films include: 
For nearly a year, the historic sloop ‘Clearwater’ was out of water, on land, enduring what wooden boats have endured forever: Restoration. Our OCEANS 8 film crew documented the restoration and return of the ship to the Hudson. Built under the leadership of Pete Seeger, the Clearwater continues to fulfill his mission – to educate and roam America’s “First River.”
From planting to harvest during 2017 we have documented a unique effort to save several variety of Native American seeds nearly gone extinct. The project, a combined effort of the Hudson Valley Farm Hub, Hudson Valley Seed Library and the Akwesane Tribe of northern New York, is a multi-year effort to preserve both a rich agricultural heritage and its stories.
The sight of long trains, made up of one hundred-plus black, cylindrical cars, rolling slowly through cities and towns across North America – often within yards of office buildings, hospitals and schools — has become commonplace.Few who see them know what these sinister-looking cars carry: A highly flammable mixture of gas and oil from the shale fields of North Dakota. At thirty thousand gallons per car, each of these trains carries more than three million gallons of highly flammable and toxic fuel.
When G.E. was finally forced, in 2009, to clean up the toxic mess it had made of the Hudson Valley by dumping PCBs into the river for more than thirty years, it’s assignment was to clean-up the country’s largest Superfund site. Last December G.E. pulled out, saying it had completed the mission given it by the E.P.A. What did it leave behind? The country’s largest Superfund site.

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