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Future Forward: Envisioning Environmental Change in the Hudson Valley

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January 19, 2021: 4:00PM to 5:00PM
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A Media Partnership With The RiverNewsroom and’s HV Viewfinder

About this Event
Climate change calls for urgency — and as we saw with the global pandemic last year, big, rapid shifts really are possible. What could we do within just the next decade to make the Hudson Valley more resilient?

We’re asking local environmental leaders and activists what they envision in their areas over the next decade, and just as importantly, how we get there. From freezing produce from local farms for food pantries to ensuring that wildlife have sufficient habitat to prevent future pandemics, we’re inspired by their ideas, and ready to talk about them in-depth.

“Future Forward” series is a partnership between’s HV Viewfinder, which sees this region’s powerful citizen-activists building community and strengthening resilience in the face of climate change, and The River Newsroom, which has a history of spotlighting the diverse activists and visionaries who dream of an ever-more-vibrant and inclusive Hudson Valley.

Our panelists:

Barbara Han, Disease Ecologist, Cary Institute for Ecosystem Studies

Stiles Najac, Food Security Community Liaison, Orange County Cooperative Extension

Hugo Jule-Quintanilla, Electric Vehicle Advocate, Sustainable Hudson Valley

Vic Barrett, Climate Activist, Our Children’s Trust

Co-moderated by:

Phillip Pantuso, Managing Editor, The River Newsroom

Hayley Carlock, Director of Environmental Advocacy, Scenic Hudson

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