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Hudson River Symposium: Making Sense of it All, Part five

March 22, 2021: 1:30PM to 3:30PM
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The Hudson River Environmental Society & Hudson River Foundation have teamed up to present a series of presentations on Hudson River fish and the stressors affecting change. The Hudson River fish community has long been an important social, economic, and ecological sector of life in the Hudson Valley. Climate change, invasive species, off-shore commercial fishing, surge barriers, and dams present real challenges for the propagation and survival of Hudson River fish species today.

Schedule for part one of this five part series:

  • Intro (5 min). Clay Hiles, Executive Director Hudson River Foundation
  • Celebrating Dennis Suszkowski (20 min). Clay Hiles
  • What are the critical knowledge gaps and priority research areas? Report out from the
    invited sessions (10 min each):

  • Planning Hudson River Fisheries Science – Jonathan Kramer, Ph.D.
  • Ecosystem Research Perspective – Christopher Solomon, Ph.D.
  • Fisheries Management Perspective. Gregg Kenney
  • Physical Alterations – Heather Gierloff
  • Climate Driven Changes in Fisheries – Katherine Mills, Ph.D.
  • Introduced Species – David Strayer, Ph.D.

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