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New Innovative Tool: Riverkeeper’s Source Water Protection Scorecard

September 27, 2017: 2:00PM to 5:30PM
Sheraton Boston Hotel, 39 Dalton Street. Boston, MA 02199 map
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Dan Shapley, Water Quality Program Director, observes an orange-colored discharge from a stormwater outfall near the Stewart International Airport in Town of New Windsor. (Photo by Leah Rae / Riverkeeper)

Riverkeeper’s Water Quality Program Director Dan Shapley will make a presentation and participate in a panel discussion before a national audience of officials focused on protecting drinking water quality during the Source Water Protection Workshop at the 2017 annual forum of the Groundwater Protection Council.

The presentation will discuss Riverkeeper’s Drinking Source Water Protection Scorecard, a self-assessment tool communities in New York State can use to understand the degree to which they are using or benefiting from rules, regulations, best management practices and partnerships to protect their drinking water supplies.

The title of the invited talk is:
New Innovative Tool: Source Water Protection Scorecard, A Tool for Community Assessment of Source Water Protection Opportunities: To what extent is a community using available tools, rules, policies, resources, and partners to protect drinking water sources?

This is one talk in a three-day conference. For information and the full agenda, visit:

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