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NRC Public Meeting on Indian Point Safety Performance

Photo: Leah Rae / Riverkeeper
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June 8, 2016: 7:00PM to 9:00PM
DoubleTree by Hilton Tarrytown 455 South Broadway Grand Ballroom Tarrytown NY map
Photo: Leah Rae / Riverkeeper

Photo: Leah Rae / Riverkeeper

You deserve honest answers from Entergy and the NRC. How and why was the Indian Point damage assessment done using misleading and erroneous data? How are seven major malfunctions in the space of a year – two involving the nuclear operations of the plant – acceptable? What dangers do the ongoing radiation leaks pose to the public and our water?

Don’t let the Nuclear Regulatory Commission ignore the grim realities of keeping Indian Point open: This aging nuclear power plant is becoming increasingly unreliable and puts the welfare of 20 million people at risk every day. It continues to take an enormous toll on the life in the river, killing tiny fish and eggs through its destructive intakes and heated discharges.

Just this month, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission was forced to admit that it failed to do a proper estimate of the damage that an accident at Indian Point would create.The NRC now acknowledges that its analysis was misleading, used erroneous data and violated the National Environmental Policy Act. Another analysis needs to be conducted.

Indian Point has had seven alarming mishaps in just a year, including a huge spike in radioactive groundwater contamination and an unprecedented degree of failed bolts in the core of the Unit 2 Reactor. Though operational problems can be expected at any power plant, they’re happening with alarming frequency at this nuclear facility. Each day Indian Point remains open, we’re collateral in a game of Russian roulette, with our lives and environment at

Join Riverkeeper and our partner groups in calling the NRC to account for its failure to address this and other critical safety issues at Indian Point – seismic risk, security violations, evacuation planning and dangerous storage of nuclear waste – that are not being addressed in the relicensing process but that demand attention.

Add your voice to the growing numbers demanding action and answers. Demand the NRC honestly weigh the risks of Indian Point’s continued

Doors open at 6 p.m. The meeting begins at 7 p.m. Get there early and have your questions ready.

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