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Swimmable Water Weekend

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July 25, 2014 to July 27, 2014
Your favorite waterway

Last year, over 50 Waterkeeper Organizations participated in Swimmable Waters Weekend with over 30 events in 8 countries and reaching over 1 million people through social media.

This year we hope to make an even BIGGER splash and are joining Waterkeeper in challenging friends, family and supporters to jump in their nearby waterway as part of a viral campaign.

How to Participate
1. Between July 1st and July 24th, go to your favorite swimming hole on your waterway with a video, camera, iPhone, GoPro, etc. (It will be easier to have someone else record your SWC).
2. Stand in front of your waterway and record a simple, short message with your name and title, (“Joe Payne, Casco Baykeeper”), waterbody, and why you love your river/bay/lake, etc., and that your are participating in the “Waterkeeper Alliance Swimmable Water Challenge.”
Sample Script: “Hi, I am Joe Payne, your Casco Baykeeper. I was born and raised on Casco Bay in Maine. I have worked to protect the Bay for 20 years and I’m excited to participate in the Waterkeeper Alliance Swimmable Water Challenge.“
3. Get in the water! (while on video!).
4. Return to the camera and challenge 10 members of your family, supporters, etc., by name to also participate in the SWC by July 20th and post to social media.
Sample Script: “I challenge Jane Doe, Steve Jones, etc., etc…….. to join me in taking the Swimmable Water Challenge, and to challenge 10 others, to show your support for a swimmable Casco Bay. You have 24 hours to record your challenge and post your video.”
5. Post your video to your social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) with the hashtag #swimmablewater and @Riverkeeper or @Waterkeeper. (It may be helpful to have a sign with the hashtag in your video as well).

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