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Day of Service for the Hudson: Sweep Results Are In

Nick Zachos from Hudson Sloop Club - DG

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Thanks to the great effort of more than 2,000 volunteers and dozens of community partners, here’s a recap of the work done on Friday and Saturday, in one hundred locations spanning hundreds of miles of shoreline from Brooklyn to Troy:

  • Over 40 tons of debris were removed from the Hudson River Estuary.
  • 1,150 trees and native grasses were planted.
  • More than 500 trees and shrubs were maintained.

We asked our Sweep Leaders, “What was the most common item you collected?” In almost all cases volunteers reported plastic bottles or Styrofoam as the most abundant trash found on the river. There’s growing momentum throughout the Hudson Valley and NYC for trash-free waters and you can to make a difference beyond the Sweep. Learn more about how to raise awareness, advocate for local resolutions, reduce waste, and improve recycling locally by visiting our Riverkeeper Sweep and Beyond campaign page.

To see photos from the Sweep, visit our Flickr page. We will be adding more photos to this page over the next week.


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