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Public Access

Zany East River Pool Inches Toward Reality With Filtration Lab

The Nature of Things: Hutchinson River an afterthought?

Hudson Riverkeeper to be keynote speaker at Fund for a Better Waterfront’s annual fundraiser

City of Peekskill Partners with Riverkeeper, MetroNorth to Clean 5.7 Tons of Trash From Travis Cove

Volunteers to Clean Shoreline at Peekskill’s Travis Cove

Riverkeeper, Metro-North Railroad and City of Peekskill partner to remove trash ahead of project to provide public access to Hudson River

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Repairs to Tarrytown pump station seen as improving waterfront

Riverkeeper: Access to River at Poughkeepsie Dock Restored

Riverkeeper and a coalition of organizations and local citizens (collectively, Riverkeeper) announced today that the full 60 feet of dock extensions at Waryas Park in Poughkeepsie have now been added to the original 68-foot floating dock to offset the space that was once exclusively taken up by Empire Cruise Lines’ 60-foot tour boat, the Mystère.

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Editorial: City dock settlement points to bigger picture

Group’s lawsuit over Hudson River dock settled

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