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Welcome to our new website!

We have redesigned our site to allow for easier access to our Campaigns and Cases, more information on the resources we protect, and increased opportunities for our supporters to stay informed and get involved. New features you can explore today include – the NYC Watershed section where you can learn all about the engineering feat that supplies pristine drinking water to 9 million New Yorkers; our new Take Action section where you’ll learn how to minimize your impact on the Hudson River and our watershed; A Hudson River Journey where you can explore the different regions of “America’s River” and learn what makes them unique.

Over the coming month we will be adding new features and content to the site. Features to look forward to include Google Map access to our water quality testing data; more content on the ecology of the Hudson River and a listing of public access points; a robust search engine; and new tools for sharing Riverkeeper campaign information across the web. So keep checking back to see what’s new and send your thoughts and suggestions to [email protected].

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