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Riverkeeper Commends Passage of Bill Protecting New York City’s Waters from Illegal Dumping

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Ossining, NY – September 15, 2011 – Riverkeeper today commended the New York City Council for passing Int. 53-A, a bill which will increase transparency and strengthen enforcement against illegal dumping in New York City’s waterfronts. The bill will require the Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Sanitation, and Department of Small Business Services to coordinate enforcement efforts through a formal plan and to issue a biennial report detailing the implementation of the coordinated plan. Interested members of the public, such as non-profit organizations that aim to protect rivers and report illegal dumping incidents, will also be given an opportunity to comment on the coordinated plan and its implementation. The City Council passed companion bill, Int. 54-A, last year to substantially increase penalties for illegal dumping in New York City Waters, creating a new civil penalty where none currently existed.

The passage of these bills delivers a one-two punch in the fight against pollution in New York City waterways,” said Riverkeeper Attorney & Chief Investigator, Josh Verleun. “This legislation serves as a powerful deterrent to would-be-polluters, sending the clear message that they will be held accountable if they dump in City waters, a public resource that all New Yorkers have the right to defend and enjoy.”

Riverkeeper has a long history of supporting efforts to stop illegal dumping, testifying at New York City Council Waterfronts Committee hearings and submitting letters citing the need for greater penalties and more stringent enforcement efforts since 2004.

Riverkeeper has also established a strong citizen enforcement presence on the waterways surrounding New York City through regular boat patrols and partnerships with a number of City Agencies, including the Small Business Services Dockmaster Unit, Kings and New York County District Attorney’s Offices, Department of Environmental Protection, New York City Police Department, Department of Sanitation, and others.

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