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Cliff Weathers

Communications Director


Cliff WeathersCliff Weathers had been an editor, publisher, broadcast commentator, multimedia producer and political consultant before he came to Riverkeeper in 2015. He served notable stints as an editor at Car and DriverConsumer Reports and Hearst Interactive Media. As a journalist, Cliff has covered politics, transportation, energy, product safety, sustainable living and climate change. He chronicled the many dangers created by hydraulic fracturing and its transportation in a series of articles for AlterNet. His Left of the Hudson podcast, which covered regional environmental and political news, drew a wide audience in the lower Hudson Valley.

A Michigan native, Cliff grew up with a love for the many lakes and rivers near his home. He recalls that his first boat trip was on the excursion steamship S.S. Columbia, which, at the time, ferried visitors from Detroit to the Boblo Amusement Park on Bois Blanc Island in Ontario. (The S.S. Columbia is currently undergoing restoration in Buffalo, and will soon arrive at its new home on the Hudson in Kingston.)

Cliff graduated with a BA in Journalism from Oakland University. He was commissioned a U.S. Army officer, serving eight years in the National Guard and Army Reserve. He came to New York in 1995 and resides in South Nyack, NY with his family.

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