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Karina Almonte

Senior Development and Database Coordinator

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Karina joined Riverkeeper in February 2018 as the Development Assistant and was promoted to Development and Database Coordinator in July 2019. She comes from the formal study of Social Work, where her concern for social injustice led her to concentrate on change making at the institutional, community, and larger systems levels. She pursued a Master’s in Sustainability Studies to further understand how to confront the systemic barriers that limit people from meeting their basic human needs for nutritious food, clean water, fresh air, and secure housing. Outside of formal education, she owes much of her critical systems training to Eco Practicum: School for Ecological Justice, an alternative, democratic education intensive that she has both learned with and worked for.

Karina has enjoyed her time at Riverkeeper so far, learning what successful fundraising looks like, and how to maintain a healthy constituent database. She is excited to continue working with Riverkeeper and taking on increasing responsibilities in her new role.

In the future Karina hopes to pursue a Master of Social Work, concentrating on community organizing, planning, and development to ensure all people can meet their basic human needs.

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