Irvine D. Flinn

Irv is currently a Senior Counsel at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, which he joined after graduating from law school and where the focus of his practice prior to his retirement was commercial real estate.

Over the years, Irv has worked with a number of environmental groups, including the Hudson Highlands Land Trust and Scenic Hudson, whose public policy committees he has chaired, and Environmental Advocates of New York, where he is a board member and a past board president. By promoting measures protective of the environment and seeking to block measures that are harmful, public policy advocacy is a particularly effective way, Irv feels, to pursue the common goals of all environmentalists. Irv himself has been active in land conservation and, in an effort to reduce sprawl and preserve open space, has served on committees preparing comprehensive plans and writing zoning codes for two neighboring towns in Putnam County. In this regard, he finds it gratifying that his career as a practicing lawyer never required him to facilitate the kind of poorly planned development that he is now spending much of his time trying to forestall. With a home in Garrison, Irv sees the river regularly and is very pleased to be a member of Riverkeeper’s advisory board.

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