Steve Nack

My dad use to tell me that he and my mom would place me in a baby “basket” and put me in the bow of their shad boat before I was 1 year old. Ever since I then, I have had a strong personal connection to the Hudson.

Growing up, my dad Everett fished commercially on the river and our entire family assisted in this endeavor. Our family fishing activities, along with many generations of fishing families who worked on the river, are now, sadly, memories. In the spring of 2010 came the final blow, when the shad fishery was closed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. My boats and fishing gear sit dormant collecting dust. It is my interest to see the Hudson returned to some of its full potential, particularly l through restoration of its commercial fishery, and the link that is created by commercial fishing and the people who live up and down the Hudson Valley.

In addition to fishing commercially on the river, I have worked on a variety research projects on many of the signature river fish species with various universities, government entities and private organizations. Currently, I am assisting Dr. Dave Secor from the Chesapeake Biological Lab investigate Hudson River striped bass.

I presently work for the Columbia County Soil and Water Conservation District as a natural resource specialist, and live in Ghent NY with my wife Julie and daughter Abbegail.

Keep the Hudson River flowing!
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