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A hopeful post-nuclear future: Celebrate the closure of Indian Point, an unsafe and unnecessary plant

As Indian Point Goes Dark, New York Races to Swap Nuclear With Wind

Hudson Riverkeeper president says Indian Point decommissioning plan is sound

Sundown at Indian Point (Part 1)

Indian Point marks end of an era, and start of a sprint to build more renewables

Indian Point Closes for Good … Three Distinct Voices For and Against

Overdue Shutdown of the Indian Point Nuclear Plant

Riverkeeper reaches agreement to ensure prompt and safe decommissioning at Indian Point

… International and its subsidiaries (Holtec) regarding the decommissioning and cleanup of the Indian Point nuclear power facility in the Lower Hudson Valley. The joint proposal is subject to … Read More

Alec Baldwin: Indian Point 3 is closing. New York and the world should celebrate

Closing Indian Point is the only way to assure clean and safe energy for New York

If you’re in the market for safe, sustainable energy in New York, the Indian Point nuclear plant just isn’t for you. The risks associated with continuing to operate … Read More
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