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Riverkeeper Celebrates Governor’s Signing of Sewage Right To Know Act

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AUGUST 9, 2012 CONTACT: Dan Shapley, 845-797-2158 [email protected] Law will provide residents statewide with critical information about water safety, and spur infrastruct… Read More

Riverkeeper Responds to Westchester County Raw Sewage Release

The Riverkeeper patrol boat will be sampling from Tarrytown to Yonkers this afternoon in response to a sewer main break and subsequent sewage release into the Hudson River in Tarrytown and also at Yon… Read More

New law will inform public about sewage overflows

Sewage Notification is a Milestone for a Cleaner Hudson

Thank you! The tens of thousands of petition signatures, emails, letters and calls made by environmental advocates like you helped Riverkeeper reach a milestone in our effort to clean the Hudson River… Read More

State to begin crackdown on waste discharge

Editorial: So, how’s the water?

Swimming in Sewage? You Have a Right to Know

You and your family could be swimming, boating or fishing in sewage and not know it. Urge your New York State Senator to support the Sewage Pollution Right to Know Act and get access to the informatio… Read More

Sewage Pollution Right to Know Act on the Move in NYS Legislature

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts: Tina Posterli, 516-526-9371, [email protected] Adrienne Esposito, 516-390-7150, [email protected] Brian Smith, 716-831-3206, bsmith@citizenscampai… Read More

CAG Votes To Adopt Resolution Asking Total Elimination of CSOs

Sewage spills bring fines, fix-up plan

Tell Gov. Hochul to block invasive species at the Erie and Champlain canals
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