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Senate, put a freeze on ‘fracking’ in N.Y.

Debate on Controversial Natural Gas Drilling Technique as New York Moratorium May Expire

Riverkeeper Responds to NY State’s Plan to Move Fracking Forward in Limited Number of Counties

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Tina Posterli, 914-478-4501 x 239, [email protected] Urges passage of moratorium legislation White Plains, NY – June 13, 2012 – Today the New York Times repo… Read More

Riverkeeper Responds to DEC’s Rush to Finalize Fracking Proposal by Spring

Urges New Yorkers to call for passage of moratorium bill White Plains, NY – February 17, 2012 – The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has made it clear it intends to i… Read More

What’s Next on the Fracking Front?

No Fracking Way part 2: New York Moratorium Signed

Gov Paterson Sets National Precedent, Calls for Timeout on Fracking

PRESS RELEASE For more information: Erica Ringewald, Environmental Advocates of New York (518) 210-9903 or [email protected] Daniella Nordin, Environmental Advocates of New York (518) 462-5526 x 23… Read More

Riverkeeper’s take on Governor Paterson’s “Veto + Exec Order” daily double

Maybe the Gov thought he was being Solomon-like, in declaring one form of fracking [horizontal wells] off limits until July but allowing another form [vertical wells] to be permitted immediately. Or, … Read More

New York Governor Vetoes Fracking Bill

New York AG candidates back natgas drilling moratorium

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