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Activists Call for Indian Point Closure

Can a Fukushima-like nuclear disaster happen in New York?

Fukushima Cleanup Worker Visits Westchester

Indian Point, One Year After Fukushima

Fukushima One Year Later: Don’t Let It Happen Here

A year ago on March 11, an earthquake and tsunami triggered a nuclear disaster at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, leading to the evacuation of 160,000 people, a 12-mile exclusion zone… Read More

NY legislature looks at Indian Point alternatives – days after leak causes shutdown

There is Life — and Energy — After Indian Point, Report Says

New Analysis: Indian Point Nuclear Plant Can be Replaced with Cleaner, Safer Energy

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Kate Slusark, NRDC, 212-727-4592 or [email protected] Tina Posterli, Riverkeeper, 516-526-9371 or [email protected] Human and Financial Cost of Nuclear Crisis i… Read More

Japanese anti-nuclear advocates visit Riverkeeper, share stories of Fukushima disaster

Lessons of Fukushima come to Indian Point

Don't let New York State give up on New York City waters
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