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Summer thunderstorms trigger massive sewage overflows: Water Quality Update

Riverkeeper and our partners sampled more than 410 locations in the Hudson River Watershed in July. The data reinforced what Sewage Pollution Right to Know Alerts made plain: When it rains, sewage ove… Read More

Riverkeeper: Indian Point 2 may be leaking acidic coolant

Be a clearer voice for the river

When it comes to the Hudson River, you matter. When it needed you to protect it from a dramatic expansion of barge anchorages β€” many of these barges to be laden with hazardous, fracked crude oil β€”… Read More

Research IDs high levels of pharmaceuticals in the Hudson. Here’s what we can do about it

New research supported by Riverkeeper highlights the large numbers of pharmaceuticals found in the Hudson River, and identifies the wastewater treatment plants that process our sewage as the most impo… Read More

State of the Hudson and our water supply

Fifty years after its founding, Riverkeeper fights alongside thousands of citizen scientists and activists to reclaim the Hudson and ensure that over 9 million New Yorkers have clean, safe drinking wa… Read More

The Hudson: A River at Risk

On Tuesday February 16th at 6pm, The Bard Center for Environmental Policy, The Bard Environmental and Urban Studies Department, and the Bard College Sustainability Council present a screening of thre… Read More

‘Defend the Hudson’ protest: Groups demand a complete cleanup of PCBs

Riverkeeper Staff Attorney Abigail Jones delivered the following remarks during today’s “Defend the Hudson” protest in Saratoga Springs, organized by the Campaign for a Cleaner Huds… Read More

Defend the Hudson: People’s Protest and Press Conference on PCBs

General Electric is planning to abandon its cleanup of the Hudson, even though enough PCBs remain in the river to delay its recovery for generations. Join Riverkeeper and the Campaign for a Cleaner Hu… Read More

SUBMERGE: NYC Marine Science Festival- cancelled due to winds

Head down to SUBMERGE: NYC Marine Science Festival, a free, day-long science extravaganza focused on raising awareness about our local coastal waters. Celebrate local marine science with hands-on scie… Read More

On patrol: A Grand River.

After 10 days on the narrow upper estuary and the even narrower Mohawk, it’s striking to round Verplanck Point and see the vastness of Haverstraw Bay and the Tappan Zee unfold. This truly is a Grand… Read More

Tell Gov. Hochul to block invasive species at the Erie and Champlain canals
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