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Gov Paterson Sets National Precedent, Calls for Timeout on Fracking

PRESS RELEASE For more information: Erica Ringewald, Environmental Advocates of New York (518) 210-9903 or [email protected] Daniella Nordin, Environmental Advocates of New York (518) 462-5526 x 23… Read More

Riverkeeper’s take on Governor Paterson’s “Veto + Exec Order” daily double

Maybe the Gov thought he was being Solomon-like, in declaring one form of fracking [horizontal wells] off limits until July but allowing another form [vertical wells] to be permitted immediately. Or, … Read More

New York Governor Vetoes Fracking Bill


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 29, 2010 CONTACTS: Erica Ringewald (518) 210-9903 or [email protected], Environmental Advocates of New York Daniella Nordin (518) 462-5526 x239, Environmental Advocat… Read More

EPA Subpoenas Halliburton, Seeking Fracking Secrets

Riverkeeper Coalition Partners Ask You to Tell the DEC to Protect NY’s Forests from Fracking

Riverkeeper has worked with Clean Water NOT Dirty Drilling coalition partners to ask folks to take action to help protect New York’s drinking water. Clean Water NOT Dirty Drilling is a network of o… Read More

FRAC This!

The Green Gauge: Shale developers hit speed bumps

Gas Drilling Report Details 100+ Contamination Incidents

Riverkeeper Testifies at EPA Hydrofracking Hearing

Calls for increased regulation and oversight On September 13, Riverkeeper testified at the EPA Hydraulic Fracturing Study hearings in Binghamton, NY. EPA held the hearings in order to receive stakehol… Read More

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